Friday, November 13th at 8:00pm via Eventive

123 mins | 2019
France, Israel, Germany
Dir: Nadav Lapid
Language: French, Hebrew


Yoav, a young Israeli man, has a one-way ticket to Paris believing France to be his salvation from what he sees as the madness of his country. Things don’t get off to a great start as he discovers his living arrangement is unfit for living, yet his grandiose expectations leave no room for a failure to adapt. Wholehearted in his resolution to erase his Jewish-Israeli origins, he refuses to speak Hebrew and obsessively studies his constant companion, a French dictionary. Based on the real-life experiences of writer-director Nadav Lapid, SYNONYMS explores the conflicted realm of fervent Nationalism and the challenges of putting down roots in a foreign land.

Screening With:

My Tagalong

Student Shorts Showcase

A story about two Gemini brothers’ journey on the earth. The Older brother wants to enjoy the trip himself, but his younger brother always follows him and makes a lot of trouble.

6 mins 40s
Canada, 2020
Dir. Jerry Wang
Language: English