Panel Discussion: Hollywood North (Bay)

Nov 15, 2017 | 2017 Events

The film industry boom in North Bay has been felt in almost every corner of our community. With this newly energized industry, many North Bay locals are making a career in production. Meet the folks behind the lens who are part of the growing talent pool of industry professionals that call North bay home.

Panelists & Speaker Bios:

Lieann Koivukoski

Lieann Koivukoski has been working in the Arts and Entertainment industry for over a decade. After moving to North Bay Ontario, she started a small new media arts organization in 2007 called “Near North Mobile Media Lab”, providing support and tools for local artists to produce their own multi-media productions and installations.

Ben Leggett

Ben Leggett is a music producer, recording engineer, mixer, songwriter and composer with experience in the Canadian music and film industries. Originally hailing from Corbiel, ON, Leggett’s time spent in various bands led naturally to a career in music production. His company Ben Leggett Recording, was founded in 2009 and has since produced work for over 30 independent artists, composed film score for feature film In Return and 2 Seasons of television series Hard Rock Medical.

Georgia Villeneuve

Georgie Villeneuve is a film industry professional currently working as a Locations Manager in North Bay on various productions with a history working in television and film. Recent productions include Hard Rock Medical and the Jennifer Riley Mysteries.