Northern Stars: Navigating Film Careers in North Bay

Oct 19, 2023 | 2023 Events, November 19th

Following our Canadore College Student Showcase, join us for a thought-provoking panel discussion and audience Q&A titled “Northern Stars: Navigating Film Careers in North Bay.” This panel delves into the multifaceted world of the film industry, bringing together esteemed professionals from various sectors of the industry in North Bay. They will share their personal journeys, experiences, and invaluable insights into the art of getting employed and building a fulfilling career in film.

Panelists & Speaker Bios:

Jodie Wiebe
Workforce Development Officer, Cultural Industries Ontario North (CION)

Jodie leads the charge of impactful professional development opportunities in Northern Ontario’s Film & TV production industry. Jodie’s expertise and interest in training the next generation of workforce talent draws from her experience as a key member of projects that helped bring Northern Ontario to the world stage (LETTERKENNY, ANTIBIRTH, and WHAT WOULD SAL DO?). A proud graduate of Cambrian College, Jodie is committed to supporting the growth of the Film & TV production industry in Northern Ontario by developing large-scale workforce development initiatives, increasing regional awareness of the careers that exist behind-the-scenes, and working one-on-one with clients to create pathways to the industry.

Lieann Koivukoski
President, Post Production North Inc.

Lieann has 17 years of experience in new media, film, and TV production, progressing from Production Coordinating and Management to roles like Line Producer, Associate Producer, Co-producer, and Producer. Notable recent projects include “Christmas by the Book,” “She Never Died,” and “Hard Rock Medical.” In 2015, she co-founded Post Production North Inc. to provide post-production services in Northern Ontario, which has since served over 100 productions with Dailies, DMT/DIT and ADR support. Before that, she worked to develop the Near North Mobile Media Lab (N2M2L) and aided numerous North Bay organizations with grant writing and goal achievement. Currently, she works as an Associate Producer/Fixer, assisting projects with crew and location selection.

Mitch Ouimette
President, Theia Productions Inc.

Mitch is a long-time, highly accomplished, multi-disciplined business professional. As President of Theia Productions, he has guided the company to its current position as a prolific and influential industry player. Theia has expanded to undertake over 25 documentary projects per year, with production volume reaching an impressive $31.75 million. Theia is dedicated to storytelling and committed to pushing the boundaries of documentary filmmaking. Mitch’s passion for the craft and his deep understanding of the industry have been instrumental in the company’s current and continuing growth and success.

Ben Farella
North Bay Fixer/Producer

Ben Is a local entrepreneur with businesses in variety of sectors including Real Estate, Food Services and Marketing. He has helped countless productions in North Bay over 15 years with support services in the areas of Catering, Locations support, Rentals and as a Local Liaison. In the last few years, he has acted as a Producer on a few films and is currently in development as the Lead Producer on a feature Film called The Hockey Player featuring Kevin Durand as Writer/Director scheduled to shoot in North Bay in 2024. Ben is Passionate about developing the Film Industry in North Bay.

Adrienne Mazzuchelli
Economic Development Officer, City of North Bay

Adrienne serves as an Economic Development Officer with the City of North Bay, where she drives community economic growth with a core focus on nurturing the film and television industry. Her role encompasses promoting the region as a filming destination, expediting permit applications, and forging connections between productions and local industry services. Additionally, she collaborates with various sectors, supports business development initiatives, and builds strategic partnerships to advance the city’s economic prosperity.