New Voices / Fresh Takes: Short Film Programme

Friday, November 17th at 12:00pm

New Voices / Fresh Takes: Short Film Programme

This powerful imagineNATIVE shorts programme features short films created by young Indigenous filmmakers from across Canada. Screening on the first day of the North Bay Film Festival at the Capitol Centre.

Shorts Featured:


7 Mins  |  Dir. Amos Scott (Tlicho)  |  Nunavut, Canada

On a chilling winter night at a northern bush party, two young men plot to take advantage of two young women. Unbeknownst to them, something is watching them from the cold, dark woods and their sinister plan is about to take an unexpected turn.


11 Mins  |  Dir. Glenn Gear (Inuk)  |  Labrador, Canada

Based on an Inuit legend from Labrador, “Kablunat” explores the complex and intersecting histories of early Inuit and Settler life on the coast. Employing archival images, animation, collage, and time-lapse video, the retelling of this origin story unfolds in a poetic space between past and present, myth and lived experience.

Beyond Hope

11 Mins  |  Dir. Jade Baxtor (Nlaka’pamux)  |  British Columbia, Canada

This slow-burn short film creeps up on you as the young woman goes about her day. While working at the community radio station, she recounts and tries to impart a lesson from a Nlaka’mapux tale of the Boy and the Owl.

M’tik Woop

8 Mins  |  Dir. Daniel Lewis (Wikwemikong)  |  Montreal, Canada

In this charming short, two lovable young characters, Daniel and Harvey, are highly skilled archers. As they head to a local archery competition, they talk shop and share stories as they hone their hunting skills.

Crash Site

13 Mins  |  Dir. Sonya Ballantyne (Swampy Cree)  |  Winnipeg, Canada

After the death of her parents, Kaley struggles with her anger. After running away from her sister’s home and hiding out in a comic store, Kaley connects with a First Nations superhero called Thunderbird, who teaches her the power of family.

God’s Acre

15 Mins  |  Dir. Kelton Stepanowich (Metis)  |  Fort McMurry, Canada

Lorne Cardinal stars in this unsettling, powerful short of a man determined to protect his land at all cost. As the water slowly rises in a frighteningly familiar future, the man must choose to abandon all that he knows or give in to the rising.