My Animal

Friday, November 17th at 9:30pm

103 mins | 2023 | Canada
Dir: Jacqueline Castel
Language: English

My Animal

In a remote, small-town setting, Heather, an outcast teenage goalie, leads a life marred by a hidden family curse. Forced into seclusion on the outskirts of the town, she carries the burden of her dark secret, keeping it locked away from the world. But her world takes a drastic turn when Jonny, a rebellious and alluring figure skater, arrives on the scene.

As Heather and Jonny’s paths cross, an undeniable connection forms between them. They are drawn to each other by an irresistible magnetic force, an attraction that transcends their differences and backgrounds. Heather, who has always been an outsider, finds herself falling head over heels for the enigmatic newcomer. Jonny, equally tormented in his own way, is intrigued by the mysterious allure of Heather.

However, as their relationship deepens, a conflict emerges within Heather. Her growing desires for Jonny begin to clash with the dark secret she’s been harboring for so long. The curse that haunts her family forces her to grapple with her inner demons, prompting her to confront the animalistic side of her nature that she has been trying to suppress for years.

In the midst of this supernatural love story, Bobbi Salvör Menuez (known for their role in “Euphoria”) and Amandla Stenberg (from “Bodies Bodies Bodies”) play the lead roles, infusing the narrative with their captivating performances. This genre-bending tale explores themes of love, desire, and the battle within oneself, as Heather is tempted to unleash the untamed aspects of her being, a decision that could have profound consequences for both herself and Jonny.

Amidst the backdrop of a secluded town and a family curse, this story weaves a compelling narrative of two outsiders who discover a connection that has the potential to unravel their lives. Heather and Jonny’s relationship is a delicate balance between desire and darkness, and their journey promises to be a captivating exploration of the human spirit’s struggle to reconcile its conflicting urges.

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