Martin Eden

Saturday, November 15th at 8:00pm via Eventive

129 mins | 2019 | Italy
Dir: Pietro Marcello
Language: Italian

Martin Eden

After saving Arturo, a young scion of the industrial middle class, from a beating, the sailor Martin Eden is invited to the boy’s family home. Here he meets Elena, Arturo’s beautiful sister, and falls in love with her at first sight. The cultured and refined young woman becomes not only the object of Martin’s affections but also a symbol of the social status he aspires to achieve. At the cost of enormous efforts and overcoming the obstacles represented by his humble origin, Martin pursues the dream of becoming a writer. Under the influence of the elderly intellectual Russ Brissenden, he gets involved in socialist circles, bringing him into conflict with Elena and her bourgeois world.

Screening With:

Your Mother and I

Student Shorts Showcase

When his parents announce their divorce, 10-year-old Neil is convinced he’s stuck in a dream, and sets out on a mission to wake up. Divorce in film is always negative, always dramatic, and often victimizes the children. Your Mother and I is born as an exception to this unspoken rule – there is still room for humour.

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