In Kingdom Come: Experimental Short Program

Friday, September 30th at 12:00pm

In Kingdom Come: Experimental Shorts Program

The works in this shorts program speculate on the possibilities of other worlds, where our sense of control and comprehension of the world around us is suspended and has given way to selflessness and delusion. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Images Festival programmer Faraz Anoushahpour.

* In Kingdom Come was first screened during the 2016 Images Festival in Toronto, Canada, April 14 – 23, 2016

Shorts Featured:

Kingdom Come: Rituals

7 Mins  |  Digital Video  |  Dir. Martin Sulzer and Vika Kirchenbauer  |  2014  |  Germany

The flapping camera eye of a pigeon unwillingly records an unstable image of political power and the landscape it occupies.

HiFi Normal

7 Mins  |  Digital Video  |  Dir. Léandre Bourgeois and Amanda Dawn Christie |  2014  |  Canada

From signal to noise—an image of an obsolete radio tower breaks down to abstraction.

Ego Loser

6 Mins  |  Digital Video  |  Dir. Johannes DeYoung |  2015  |  United States

Cyclical and absurd, a computer-generated talking head and its double-iterate self-help talk and positive affirmations in a candy-coated paradise.

Natee Chewit

20 Mins  |  Digital Video  |  Dir. Johannes DeYoung |  2015  |  Thailand

An accident has left a helpless cow in a man-made hole. Tension builds up as people gather to untrap the animal.

Half Human, Half Vapour

11 Mins  |  16mm  |  Dir. Mike Stoltz |  2015  |  United States

Traces of a human colony from a near past are unearthed through its relics; speculations about parallel possibilities emerge as debris turns into vapor.


4 Mins  |  Digital Video  |  Dir. Ellie Epp |  2015  |  United States, Canada

Act 1: Scene 1: a spring. Two characters. An archetypal drama.

Anatomy of a Fall

Saturday, November 17th at 12:30pm

152 mins | 2023 | France
Dir: Justine Triet
Language: French, English, German

Anatomy of a Fall

Sandra, a German writer, is arrested for murder in France following her husband’s death in the snow under mysterious circumstances. The couple’s 11-year-old, blind son is the only witness to her husband’s death. Sandra tries to prove her innocence during the trial.

Screening With:

Frida in the Sky

Student Short Showcase

Frida, an 8-year-old engineering prodigy, builds an airplane behind her mother’s back to follow in her Abuela’s legacy.

6 mins 14s
Canada, 2023
Dir. Dani Sadun
Language: English

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