The Fireflies are Gone (La disparition des lucioles)

Screening on Sunday, November 18th at 7:30pm
French with english subtitles
96 mins
2018 (Canada)

It is near the end of high school, and Léo dreams of escape. She feels stuck in her small-town, industrial Québécois life. The easiest target for her frustrations is her stepdad, a local talk-radio celebrity on the wrong side of a political divide that forced her union-organizing father out of town. Léo misses her father and yearns to leave, but her rebellion du jour only seems to manifest itself as malaise. Enter Steve, a much older metalhead who still lives in his mother’s basement.

Léo is fascinated by Steve, and sees in him much more than the archetypal loser he may appear to be. He is kind and genuinely content to teach guitar in his bachelor cave and take his mom’s Shih Tzu on daily walks. As their relationship grows over the summer, an ever-present longing lingers beneath the surface of their friendship — and Léo must decide how to express her deep desire for something more.