Canadore College Student Showcase

  • Canadore College Student Showcase

Canadore College presents a showcase of emerging talent from their Digital Cinematography program.
Total runtime: 1hr 45min

Comedy Short, 6:40
by Tyler Watson
He’s an inter-dimensional weirdo and he’s coming for you.


Closing Time
Comedy Short, 3:50
by Rain Tae
Time travel has its complications.


Short Drama, 6:50
by Ben Faria
A street fighter grapples with the inner demon that defines him.


Short Documentary, 3:00
by Morningstar Derosier
What love for animals can teach us about living.


Pure Bliss
Short Drama, 6:20
by Ky Bryski
Bliss both giveth, and taketh away.


Known Associates
Comedy/Mockumentary Short, 5:00
by Lauren Bennie
The Known Associates believe they are one of the best bands in North Bay.


Drama/Experimental Short, 7:40
by Catherine Orr
A slick fashion film about a young man searching for artistic meaning.


Short Drama, 13:00
by Eric Robillard & 3rd year DigiCine class
A writer attempts to describe what makes love work.


How to Tell Rachel I Love Her
 Short Comedy, 5:00
by Maxime Lauzon
Lucas realizes today is the day he needs he needs to tell her.


Short Documentary, 4:40
by Sydney Lee
What can make-up do for defining an identity?


Short Comedy, 2:50
by Matt McNeil
Martin J Smith has a full life ahead of him.


Flood Blow
Short Comedy, 17:30
by Matt Close & 3rd year DigiCine class
A miracle drug that stops the bleeding gets used for nefarious purposes.


Short Comedy
3:45, by Jordan Hewitt
Should Chip listen to the voice in his head?  Steve thinks so.


Daze of Dreams
Short Comedy, 18:30
by Aaron Martini & 3rd year DigiCine class
Dylan is a day-dreamer who, through the help of his girl-crush, finds a way to stop them from becoming real.